iDOC2019 New Directions in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Sellenger Centre for Law, Justice and Social Change

February 14, 2019

The iDOC 2019 International Design Out Crime and CPTED Event on 14th Fenruary 2019 focuses on New Directions in CPTED and Night Time Economy CPTED.

There are many new changes to CPTED and Design Out Crime. These are driven by a large number of factors changing n the world at large:

  • increased use of evidence on what works and what doesn't, where, when and why;
  • the extention of CPTED into new areas such as anti-terrorism, crowded places and event management;
  • New technologies transforming CPTED (e.g. face recognition, virtual following, 360deg 24/7 surveillance, biometric access control, drones...)
  • New thinking about CPTED in relation to health, gender, equity, control, economic development, legal liabilities...
  • Professionalisation of CPTED practices
  • New forms of CPTED training and certification
  • CPTED standards.



Conference themes iDOC 2019


The conference themes centre on New Directions in CPTED and Night time economy CPTED :

  • Evidence-based CPTED
  • Use of crime-data as the basis for CPTED processes
  • New technologies and CPTED (e.g. face recognition, virtual following, 360deg 24/7 surveillance, biometric access control, drones...)
  • Risk vs threat vs vulnerability approaches  in CPTED
  • Anti-terrorism and Crowded Places CPTED
  • Event CPTED
  • CPTED and gender
  • Standard CPTED desk exercises for differing professional groups
  • Night time economy CPTED (expected to be a major theme of the conference)
  • Social equity issues and CPTED
  • CPTED and health
  • CPTED and social control
  • CPTED and privacy
  • CPTED gaming and competitions
  • Legal and financial liabilities from CPTED
  • CPTED and economic development
  • CPTED, young people and public space
  • CPTED across the life of developments
  • Dark side of CPTED (adverse consequences of CPTED that have legal, financial or equity liability considerations)
  • Occupational Health and Safety and CPTED
  • CPTED Professional practices
  • CPTED training standards
  • CPTED standardised processes
Posted: 2018-06-13
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